A Few of our Favorite Things: 2018 in Past-times and Pleasures

It’s tempting in this time of New Year’s resolutions, to start doing a postmortem on our annual productivity.  We love the end of the year for that very reason. We enjoy setting goals and assessing our progress. However, it’s easy to start viewing ourselves as just a series of personal and professional milestones.  This past year has been challenging, but there have been so many pleasures, large and small. We wanted to take a few moments to remind you all that you are more than your work, and so are we!

At Smorgasburg LA with family eating all the vegan food.

If you are interested in what two #actuallivingscientists did in 2018 to support their emotional and mental well-being, read on!       

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Eco-Inspiration 5: Music

Music has always had a big impact on my life.  I first heard this song in a yoga class in Long Beach, CA.  The instructor (who I had a huge friend crush on) explained that by trying to improve ourselves we could improve the world.  I couldn’t agree more, and I think that is part of what I’m trying to do with this blog.  Not only to I want to educate you all on how to make conscious, thoughtful decisions, but I want to do that in a way that is both encouraging and empowering.

What can you do today to make the world just a little bit brighter?  
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