Write for STS

Do you have an interest in writing a post for us? Sweet Tea, Science has a number of areas available where you can share your voice. Don’t hesitate in contacting Rachel and Meridith with any of your unique and clever ideas!

If you have not had the experience of writing a scientific blog post yet we know it can be a little intimidating. Most importantly, we’d like to reassure you that you do have something useful/relevant/interesting to write about. Your insights and experiences are valuable and worth sharing! We’ve listed a few possible, general topics below.

  1. Advice to your Past Self
  2. An overview of your research/project
  3. Share an experience in the lab or field
  4. Brag on yourself! No really, have you had something published recently? Won some badass grant? Share your story and advice.
  5. What sort of gear (hardware/software) is commonly used in your field? Give us a peak into your bag or daily work day.

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