Cool Stuff Sunday 7

Everyone’s favorite Sunday smashup of cool and informative news and videos around the web is finally back for week 7! I tried to cover all pertinent topics: space, science, mathematics, travel, as well as a very inspirational video from a fab Woman in Science, Mayim Bialik.

I haven’t forgotten about the HI-SEAS mission. It’s well underway!

Col. Christ Hadfield is currently back on Earth following Command of Expedition 35 aboard the International Space Station. This was his last video before departing. Space. Baller.

Say what you will about Big Bang Theory as a show, this woman is inspirational and hilarious.

A 2010 study published online suggests that gentle electric shocks to the brain can improve mathematic skills.

I recently came across a new (old) concept that I must try while traveling around Europe. Sharing home-cooked meals should appeal to everyone!

I originally heard Abraham Verghese talking about this TED talk on NPR. Immediately looked up the full talk when I got home. So interesting and, if you’ll excuse the obvious wording, touching.

Question of the Day:
What dish would you cook for others if you were hosting a home-cooked meal?

Edit: May 20, 2013 – It was pointed out to me that the article about electric shocks to the brain was published in 2010. Not quite recent, but still fascinating!


One Small Step Closer

Got the email this morning! Early this morning. A bit too early. I’m grateful for my attentive mother who saw the post on the Hi-SEAS Facebook page and called me repeatedly until my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ringtone awakened me. 

Dear HI-SEAS Applicant,Thank you for your interest in the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation. As you may know, we received almost 700 applications for this mission, for only six crew positions…. At this point, you are one of the candidates for a potential
education/journalism/outreach/art/social-media position on the crew…. We expect to be able to notify the ~30 crew semi-finalists by mid-April. 

I am very excited and very honored to be considered for such a position and must in return thank every single person who has come to check out my blog, shared it with friends, commented, and provided support. There’s not much for me to do at this point other than continue to post and work on getting more readers and commenters! I would appreciate if everyone could keep it up and perhaps tell a friend or two about the blog and keep up with the commenting. Comments make my day!

No News is Good News?

Announcements are set for this week, but still no word from those in charge. I’m assuming that since today is Good Friday, and campuses are closed, then it’s very unlikely that they’d be contacting people. Perhaps the weekend? Monday? Another whole week??! All I know is that every time my devices make an email/tweet/ringer/random bleep or blip I tense up in excitement and anticipation.

Fellow applicant, Timothy Judd, has not been especially helpful.

Since I had hoped to use today’s blog to share the news of my excitement/disappointment and that will have to wait for another day….here are some little tidbits to keep you going.

The first contains another interview by Kim Binsted, skip to 17:29 for her part.

And then this is just a completely stellar TED-Ed talk by a fish!