I Won’t Miss You and I’m Fine With That

I always get very anxious right before a big trip. Lately, (read: since graduating from NMSU with my master’s and becoming a happy basement bum at my parent’s house) I haven’t had any stress in my life and I generally try to not be one to borrow trouble. But something about the few days prior to leaving on a major journey really winds me up. 
The excitement of everything to come. 
The concern that I’ll forget something. 
The fear that I’ll make a huge mistake and ruin part or all of my trip. 
The pressure of packing, moreso for this trip than any other. 
I thought I’d lost my beloved Nalgene bottle and carrier the other day. Assumed I’d left it somewhere and it wasn’t there! Made me abnormally anxious. I got that bottle and carrier from my friend Cabrina when we graduated together at WKU. She knows I’m not capable of drinking from a wide mouth one, so she got me the narrow mouth. I started texting different people asking if I had left it in various places. No luck. 
Of course it was just in my car. In the back seat instead of the front. 
How embarrassing (yet relieving)! 
But even with all of that going on, I cannot properly express my excitement for this trip. I am often asked if I am scared. Fear is not what I’m feeling. I will learn so much about myself and the world. I will be careful and safe, yet open to so many possibilities. Usually people would tell their friends and family “I will miss you.” But for some reason that phrase just doesn’t sit well with me. It doesn’t reflect the excitement and positivity involved and is really more sad than anything. Perhaps that sentiment is better suited for when someone or something is truly gone. I’ll be so connected via the marvels of technology that I won’t actually be removed from everyone’s lives. And then I’ll be back in a few short months. I’ve given some thought on a more adequate parting phrase. Right now I am really digging “I will be happy to see you”.  Just as short and sweet, but, to me, conveys more excitement. 
Of course, when you aren’t sure about how to say something with words, music will be glad to help. Been a while since one of my super hip 8tracks mixes, but here’s one for those of us that will be happy to see each other again in the Fall. 

Question of the Day:

How do you feel before a big event? Excite like Christmas Eve or nervous like meeting your girlfriend’s angry dad?


Dance Your Way to a Productive Friday Afternoon

It’s 2:30 on a gorgeous Friday afternoon and the sunshine is calling your name. The mountain trails are begging to feel your feet. The cold beers are a-singin’ your tune.

And you are still on campus at your desk trying to ignore the Call of the Weekend.

It’s late-April. Graduation is fast approaching and you have papers, finals, homework, and if you are like me, a thesis to finish writing. It’s hard to stay focused at times like these. Everyone else has left the building and you have committed to working for a few more hours.

Good on you for being so dedicated!

My cure for the mid-afternoon slump is simple: Dance away your un-productivity!

Whether you boogie a little bit in your chair, or take advantage of the empty office to really cut a rug, you’ll feel energized and ready to attack the rest of the day.

Here’s what I’m shaken’ it to this Friday:


Question of The Day
What do you groove to when you are working hard?

Dance Party in Space

We’ve already established that being a grad student is a time consuming job. If you have already managed to find time for research, writing, food preparation, and sleep then you’re doing better than a lot of us. But what about exercise? Or having fun?

Here on Earth, we can go outside for a jog with no more trouble than convincing yourself to go outside and jog. We have the gym, swimming pools, mountains to hike, and lot’s of space in general to move about in. On Mars, astronauts aren’t afforded these spacious luxuries. The research habitats are designed to maximize the use of limited space, and may not allow adequate room for the exercises you are used to.

I have a solution.

Super Awesome Dance Parties in Space. 

You can boogie in a small personal space, or shake it around the habitat.

 I’ve complied a little mixed tape so that everyone can take 15 minutes out of their day to dance like a crazy fool, which is the best way to dance. Consider it this week’s challenge!

Questions of The Day:
What is your favorite song to dance to?
What are some other ways to get your body moving and to have fun in a small area?