Photo Post: Last PhD Field Season

Welp, that title is actually a bit of a misnomer.  I really have about 4 more days of field work that I need to knock out over the next week or so.  DETAILS.  I know I wrote a lot recently about how stressful the summer can be for me.  It’s my busiest time of the year, field work is exhausting, and I probably don’t get enough alone time to really recharge (#introvertprobs).  But, more than any of those less positive things, I really love how much time I get to spend outside each field season.  I know I really like it, because I take about a zillion obnoxious iPhone pictures in the marsh each summer.

For your enjoyment, here is the view of my summer, from my smart phone.

Honest Tea gave me this gem on a day when I really needed it.img_7866There were an embarrassing amount of selfies. img_7563

And things didn’t always go to plan.img_7620

It was also really, really muddy.  Like, really.img_7735

Can’t beat that view though.img_7734

Got to hang out with some of my favorite marsh critters.img_7736img_7768

We overtopped our waders more than I might have liked, but we rolled with it.img_7780img_7745

Did I mention the mud?img_7836img_7784

Also, those views.  Right?!img_7827img_7948

And, the joy of being done!img_7976



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