2019 Besties New Years

Welcome to 2019!

We rang in the new year with our college best friends.  This was the 10th year we have celebrated with this tradition, and each year keeps getting better.  This year, we welcomed 2019 on Tybee Island, Georgia.    

We hope you love this photo diary of our trip. It was really great to be together, recharge our batteries, and get ready to cheer each other on through this next trip around the sun. 

Who will help build you up this year? We hope you prioritize your people as the year gets rolling.  We only get better together.   

Birthday brunch for Mer.  32 is looking good!

A nine mile, foggy bike ride along the beach on Tybee.

A costume change before bike returns.

A morning 5K.

Friends enabling Rachel’s type-A tendencies as she makes a plan for the trip.

Some work also happened, but we found a good balance.

Rachel got Mer this book as a birthday gift, and she proceeded to live her very best porch life.

Short hike in Savannah National Wildlife Area.

Scenes from our driving tour of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. We put Rachel on a conference call and she and Mer gave the whole group running commentary. Should we have a podcast?

So many table games were played.

Look at these two cuties!

Cuties part 2!

This Savannah ghost tour was…wild.  

Mer and her back-up dancers.

Cheers to 2019!!


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