Dance Your Way to a Productive Friday Afternoon

It’s 2:30 on a gorgeous Friday afternoon and the sunshine is calling your name. The mountain trails are begging to feel your feet. The cold beers are a-singin’ your tune.

And you are still on campus at your desk trying to ignore the Call of the Weekend.

It’s late-April. Graduation is fast approaching and you have papers, finals, homework, and if you are like me, a thesis to finish writing. It’s hard to stay focused at times like these. Everyone else has left the building and you have committed to working for a few more hours.

Good on you for being so dedicated!

My cure for the mid-afternoon slump is simple: Dance away your un-productivity!

Whether you boogie a little bit in your chair, or take advantage of the empty office to really cut a rug, you’ll feel energized and ready to attack the rest of the day.

Here’s what I’m shaken’ it to this Friday:


Question of The Day
What do you groove to when you are working hard?


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