Friend Love

Here at Sweet Tea, Science we are big believers in the importance of platonic relationships to one’s general quality of life. Our culture tends to give supremacy to romantic partnerships, which is a bummer as it undercuts the intimacy and importance of friendship. We think meaningful friendships are extra important during the graduate school journey. It’s a long haul, and it’s important to have a network of support you can rely on to pep you up, cheer you on, and help you problem solve.

5 quick ways to show support to your pals

  1. Send a post card. No one likes only getting bills in the mail. It’s so nice to see your friend’s handwriting telling you they are thinking of you and sending you posi vibes.
  2. Start a group text. We have an active group chat with our college besties and it’s a great place to go for a quick pick-me-up, or to let everyone not living in California know you are thinking of them during the Polar Vortex. We really love group chat. A few days ago, we were texting one-on-one and also participating jointly in three different group texts.
  3. Venmo/PayPal your buddy a few bucks for a fancy coffee drink. We like to do this on Fridays to help folks get through that final week day before the weekend. (h/t: Rachel Cargle for this amazing idea)
  4. Make time for regular phone calls. Our friend JD calls these “quick chats”, where you call and only expect to talk for 10-20 minutes while you are in transit between locations. Reaching out always feels so good.
  5. Meet up for a non-academic hangout. We are down for a solid productivity date with our fellow grad friends any time, but it’s important to also schedule other social activities from time to time. Brunch, running, climbing, hiking, whatever brings you together and lightens your load for a bit.

Thanks to EVERYONE for being our sweetest Valentine’s day platonic loves ever. Please reach out today and all the days to the people who have a home in your heart. If you have any tips to add for show support for your loves please share them in the comments below!


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