Cool Stuff Sunday 2

I made it to Sunday! I’ll be boarding a Greyhound bus today for a 17 hour adventure to have beach-side thesis writing time with a dear friend. (Follow me on twitter for #bustweets!) I hope the things that have interested me this week will provide you with some entertainment while being informative. Be sure to check out the article about the world’s hottest pepper grown here at NMSU!

Dragon Spaceship, first commercial spaceship to travel to ISS

Armored Fish Downs Flying Reptile – Fossil

World’s New Hottest Pepper – NMSU Research


Cool Stuff Sunday

I’d like to end this first, exciting week of blogging by thanking everyone that has helped spread the news of my new endeavor. I am grateful to have so much support and enthusiasm from friends and family. To thank you all (and because Sunday posts should be fun and light) I will be compiling cool videos, articles, pictures, etc from the week covering multiple disciplines every Sunday for your viewing enjoyment.

Today’s post was a bit retroactively achieved, but I’ve already got next week’s started, so whenever I find something that makes my day, I’ll save it so I can make yours too.

Fellow Hi-SEAS applicant, Ryan Kobrick’s interview discussing Yuri’s Night.

I don’t know how I feel about attempting to bring plantlife to inhospitable locations, such as Qatar, but I can’t help but be impressed by the innovation of this project inspired by a camel’s nostril! It doesn’t hurt that they are exploring algae cultivation either.

Twisted Twister on Mars
Iridescent Dinosaur Feathers!