Cool Stuff Sunday

I’d like to end this first, exciting week of blogging by thanking everyone that has helped spread the news of my new endeavor. I am grateful to have so much support and enthusiasm from friends and family. To thank you all (and because Sunday posts should be fun and light) I will be compiling cool videos, articles, pictures, etc from the week covering multiple disciplines every Sunday for your viewing enjoyment.

Today’s post was a bit retroactively achieved, but I’ve already got next week’s started, so whenever I find something that makes my day, I’ll save it so I can make yours too.

Fellow Hi-SEAS applicant, Ryan Kobrick’s interview discussing Yuri’s Night.

I don’t know how I feel about attempting to bring plantlife to inhospitable locations, such as Qatar, but I can’t help but be impressed by the innovation of this project inspired by a camel’s nostril! It doesn’t hurt that they are exploring algae cultivation either.

Twisted Twister on Mars
Iridescent Dinosaur Feathers!


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