New (School) Year Resolutions

Where. Has. Summer. Gone? Courses start back up for me in just a few days and I’m not prepared. I’m excited that everyone is back in town and to meet the incoming first years, but seriously. Classes? Already?!

::deep breath:: … ::another deep breath::

Let’s do this.

I still get so excited about the start of the school year, even now going into the 22nd grade. I know, what a nerd, right? Thank you. But it’s a time for fresh starts, and I think we can all agree how nice that can be while in graduate school. Lots of people seem to be into making new year’s resolutions on January 1st, but that’s weird because everyone knows the year begins in August/September right? January 1 is for birthday brunches and paying attention to me! Now is for New (School) Year Resolutions. [Editor’s Note: Mer is so lucky because our college friends are always together on her birthday. So spoiled.]


Very unhappy to be leaving Chicago and all the fun adventures there.

find that there’s generally a lull in August. This year that brief period of calm happened for me between the end of presenting at the Joint Statistical Conference on the 3rd and when class start on Monday. My research motivation is at a low, since I no longer have a big looming deadline, but my personal, overall motivational levels after a brief reprieve in Chicago are surging. I plan on using my time this weekend to relax but also to position myself to start off the semester well and get some major momentum going. That way, when I’m stalling mid-semester I can coast a bit.

Without further adieu, here are mine and Rachel’s resolutions for the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.


Benjamin didn’t even know we had a waffle maker.


  1. Get up every morning at 6:30 am. (Hardest one, by far)
  2. Go to bed at 10 pm. (And turn off your phone screen, damn it!)
  3. Plan who makes meals evening before, stick to it! (Also do the dishes, geez…)
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Early morning PokéRuns, then train for 8k in November!
  6. Stick to budget, but don’t stress. You have a budget buffer for a reason!
  7. Check in with yourself
  8. 15 minutes (at least) of tidying the apartment per day. UFYH!
  9. Keep waste-free nom kit handy.
  10. Touch base with a friend/family member (phone, email, postcard, etc) at least once per week.
  11. Bonus: Catch ‘em all.


Even though I planned, contacted SO many people, and thought I had everything together, I was forgetting to check in with myself. ~ Zooxanthellae, in response to Rachel’s blog post.


Real quick, I’d (Rachel) like to say that I looked back at our Summer Bucket List post before doing this list, and realized I pretty much failed at finding a good work-life trade-off this summer. This likely contributed to my overall feeling of deep anxiety for most of the summer (see my most recent post). So, here is my resolution to try to do better, while remembering to be kind with myself.

  1. Get back to the level of physical fitness that makes me feel the best. I’m climbing a 14er at the beginning of September, so that’s a good jumping off point (or trial by fire. Whatever.)
    1. Sub-goal: Teach my dog how to go on jogs. He currently prefers a meander with many sniffspection asides.
  2. Clean the house for 30 minutes each day. Our pad is smaller than Mer’s, which ironically involves more cleaning.
  3. Do all the dishes everyday. (This is my most challenging one, and it needs to be separate from the 30 minutes of cleaning. The dishes in my sink are a direct reflection of my mental state. Always.)
  4. Take my vitamins.
  5. Green. Smoothie. Everyday.
  6. Save money for our honeymoon.
  7. Be a better pet owner. Don’t get it twisted, my pets live a swank life. But I can do better by them. Sign my dog up for herding classes. Clean the turtle tank much more regularly. Keep that kitty litter box super fresh.
  8. Check in with my friends and family more often. Call my most important people once a month at least.
  9. Go on a hike at least once a month.
  10. Make sure my average sleep per week doesn’t drop below 7.5 hours a night.

It always surprises me once I (Meridith) write down goals like this in one place and realize that they don’t seem so daunting. Honestly, my biggest problem is pre-worrying and the stress that comes along with it. Most of my resolutions just take a little bit of planning and a little extra motivation, especially in the mornings. Oh, mornings. I do not claim to be able to get half of this list accomplished without the support and help from my early-morning-rising partner. Staying accountable is so much easier when you have friends and/or a partner helping out. Rachel and I want to be accountability buddies with all y’all! Share your resolutions on social media with #NewSchoolYearResolutions.

Ready for Autumn!




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