Carving Out Time: #WinterWishlist Edition

Finals. To anyone still in the thick of it, YOU’VE GOT THIS GO GO GO. But, to my fellow survivors on the other side of things:


I had to push past a flooded apartment, screaming baby next door while studying, and being locked out of my apartment (and away from my computer charger when I had a report due), but it’s over and I’m still alive. I know a lot of us still have other responsibilities and likely a stack of homework/exams to grade, but let’s promise ourselves right here, right now that we are going to Take A Break. For me, the last few weeks have been nonstop with projects and finals and I barely remember what it’s like to have a moment to just breathe. But, it’s so very important to carve out time for yourself because if not, everything else will take over. I am looking forward to using this break to regain some sanity and motivation going into the new year. I hereby promise to spend a good portion of my winter break treating myself to some Real Life goodies.

I understand that our collective brains are sufficiently fried so we’ve got a lovely list post for everyone.  Rachel and I have compiled our happiest of Real Life things to do during the break. I barely know where to start! We would also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear about your Winter Wishlists! Leave suggestions in the comments or tag us in your own post. You can keep an eye on our Instagram and Tumblr to get peeks of our #WinterWishlist fun.

Meridith’s Winter To-Do Wishlist

  1. Listen to Serial. No, not the recent release…season 1. I’m a little behind. Fun Fact: Sarah Koening lives in State College.
  2. Read/listen to a book! Thanks Rach!
  3. Knitty a thing. Hmmm, probably also finish the last thing I knittied. Science Side Knitting Circle anyone?
  4. Garden and Worm love – mix up bins and harvest that soil (and mix in eggs!)
  5. Call my loves on the PHONE. Or Skype. Such pretty faces.
  6. Keep running! I am running in December?! IN PENNSYLVANIA. ::badass dance::
  7. Learn FIVE Japanese phrases. Or more. But at least five. Eeep!
  8. Write THREE letters. Including to my Letters to a Pre-Scientist Pen Pal!
  9. Cook some meals! (Especially with all of this CSA squash….)
  10. Paint my nails pretty.
  11. BONUS: Write a few more STS blog posts!

Rachel’s Winter To-Do Wishlist

  1. Nuzzle as many of my family and friends as possible.
  2. Go on a few hikes, at least one in the snow.
  3. Take Juniper to the dog beach.
  4. Sit in the kitchen and talk with my mother.
  5. Eat all the yummy vegan things my mother has learned how to make me.
  6. 7th Annual Besties NYE! Guest starring Meridith via GHang!
  7. Lie in a pile on the floor with all five of my parents’ dogs.
  8. Try not to absolutely die when all of my siblings and siblings-in-law are under one roof for 24 hours.
  9. Read at least one ridiculously indulgent fanfiction. (Now accepting suggestions!) #authenticity
  10. Have a well thought out plan for January field work so I can go back to grad school feeling prepared, not stressed.

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