Bits of Excitement

Word came today from the application review board!

“We expect to have an update for applicants next week. Thank you for your patience as we give your applications the attention they deserve.”

At least I’m not out, yet. It’ll be a nerve-wracking  week and a half. I can only assume that ‘next week’ really means ‘the very end of next week, don’t rush us!’.  This kind of excitement is usually reserved for my birthday, or Christmas, or when waiting for final grades to be posted.

I’ve actually got a few things to share today for YOU GUYS to be excited about.

The European Space Agency (ESA) and Hubble have just announced the 2012 Hubble’s Hidden Treasures  Competition.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, is invited to help the ESA discover some of the magnificent photographs lurking in the archives. Vast datasets are available to the public, all you have to do is be patient enough to find a new, interesting/inspirational/beautiful file, adjust the contrast and colors, and upload it to the contest Flickr group. As an extra challenge, you may also use provided software to transform data into breath-taking images. These images can be uploaded to a separate Flickr accounts.

Winners receive an iPod Touch or an iPad.

Both competitions close on 31 May 2012.

I would encourage everyone to try and share the contest information, get your children involved, get something going in a classroom, whatever you can think of! I am going to try and link the two Flickr accounts so that they appear on the sidebars of this blog. Stay tuned!

The other bits of excitement I’d like to share with you are two blogs by Women In Science. Young women, at that! I was chatting with a new friend of mine about my blog and he was cruel enough to share these two with me, even though he knows I’m supposed to be ultra productive these days.

I’ve added these to my ‘Other Voices’ section on the left, but I’ll provide a quick overview of the blogs.

The Contemplative Mammoth: [From the listed description] I blog about ecology and climate change over various time scales –ranging from the last ice age to the present– and how our understanding of the past can help prepare us for the future. I also write about my experience in grad school and academia, share book reviews and interesting journal articles, and discuss science literacy, science communication in all forms…and the occasional dung fungus.

Adventures Elsewhere: This blog is much more broad and often seems very journal-like. However, it is penned by a young woman in grad schools so I can relate to a lot of the posts and perhaps you would find it enjoyable, as well. I’m looking forward to reading more, which is quite a task as she started the blog in 2009. 

So thanks to New Friend Sean for sharing, and I hope everyone else can follow in his footsteps by sharing their favorite blog/website/photo site/etc. Doesn’t have to be any particular topic; I just want to know what you enjoy reading/viewing!


Question of The Day:
Of course, what are your favorite blogs/websites/etc?
What are you currently excited about?


3 thoughts on “Bits of Excitement

  1. I've found that a big part of having a blog is reading load and loads of other people's work. I want to link to all of the blogs I'm reading, but I'm afraid of the sidebars getting too crowded. Any suggestions? I can add more pages to the top (experiences, CV, etc), but I don't want to make thing too hard to access.


  2. If you want to list a whole bunch of blogs / sites / whatever / etc., just create another page labeled links or other or misc. or whatever and list all your resources on that page… That way it won't crowd your sidebar.


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