Gizmos and Gadgets a Plenty?

Since today’s earlier post was quite the doozy, I wanted to start the morning with something a little lighter for you, oh reader.

In concurrence with the unveiling of the new iPad yesterday, this article revealing that while no iPad has ventured into space yet, they would certainly be appreciated.

That’s not to say that some pretty cool things haven’t ventured into space. Take a look:

Don’t forget the iPhone 4!

Packing limitations are standard when traveling into space. On a manned mission to Mars, the crew will need to bring everything they will need for the entire journey all at once. Food, water, clothes, research materials, etc. This brings us to our….

Question of the Day:
What would you absolutely want bring with you into space, or even to an analog habitat?

I’ll reveal my answer  in tomorrow’s post!


5 thoughts on “Gizmos and Gadgets a Plenty?

  1. My camera. Can't live without my camera.
    But there are a couple of things I'd really love to take. A laptop or tablet, a camera, earphones, a Kindle, and a multiplug for them all 🙂


  2. I don't think I could limit it to just one item either! I'd need my laptop for statistical analysis software. But I think an iPad would serve so many functions in such a compact tablet form! Camera, video, e-reader, blog or manuscript editor! Really, both would be great for staying connected and helping to share experiences with everyone 'back on Earth'.


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