We Are Made of Star Dust

I am trying to limit the number of daily posts so that I don’t overwhelm readers, and also so that I don’t run out of ideas! However, since inspiration and passion are important tenants of this blog, I must share this video.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is gifted with an eloquence that I admire and strive to attain. He is currently the world’s most recognizable astrophysicist. Perhaps you have seen his meme or presence in pop culture? Along with Bill Nye (the Science Guy), Dr. Tyson is a commendable and entertaining science communicator. I will discuss the importance of scientific dialogue in subsequent posts, but spoiler alert: it’s vital.


3 thoughts on “We Are Made of Star Dust

  1. Whoa! Not wasting any time… hahaha Good stuff, good stuff. I still don't even know what I'm gonna write today. You just raised the bar!

    Hey, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to create a “community” blog / site. Maybe called the “Astro-Nots” that other applicants who don't have blogs, etc. can come and comment on. It would be for everybody, know what I mean, and separate from our individual blogs, but link to them… I dunno, could be a horrible idea.


  2. I actually commented on Josh's blog post on Mars in the Media about this! He agreed that the eventual Hi-SEAS crew should have both personal and a 'shared' account with minimal repetition. It seems like he has some experience in the matters. I think it might be a little too early in the process to try and combine forces, but I'm not opposed to trying!

    I am in favor of supporting and linking and referencing each other's blogs. Perhaps use our posts to add our thoughts to those of another applicants'? Once the first big cut occurs and it really narrows the field, then maybe re-discuss our approach? I'd be very interested to hear the thoughts of the principle investigators (Dr Binsted & Dr Hunter).


  3. Hey Meridith,

    I figured it out! I have to log out of my site for some reason to comment here. But that's ok. I think you are right and I was getting ahead of myself.

    Anyway, I think I'm gonna call it a night.


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