Sweet Link ParTEA (July 2018)

We are so excited to be back on the STS blogging train and are grateful to have so much support and enthusiasm from everyone that checked out our posts or various social media pages. To keep the momentum going, we want to bring back an ancient (like 5 years, y’all) type of post we both had on our personal blogs before combining forces. We will be compiling cool videos, articles, pictures, etc. covering multiple disciplines and posting them on the last Thursday of every month. We will post many of these as we find them on our Twitter or Tumblr pages, so check us out there if you don’t want to wait.  Whenever we find something that makes our day, we’ll save it so we can make yours too.

To learn more check out the full article on Octonion Math.

This amazing blogpost on Thesis Whisperer about Not doing the PhD (and being OK with that). Very important read for grad students (and anyone who knows a grad student,  really).

On a similar note, if you’re doing a PhD, this blog post gives solid advice about how to fight against your protectionist tendencies.  The best PhD is a finished PhD.

This amazing video collaboration between Corrie Moreau and Emily Graslie is just the teaser for a truly inspiring NatGeo Woman of Impact story on Moreau and how she is making ants the Next Big Thing in biology. 

The Endangered Species Act may be changing, and not for the better.

Women so often are asked: “How do you juggle family, career, and everything else?” But men are rarely asked about balancing family and career, with the implicit assumption that they aren’t spending substantial time or effort on family affairs.” Terry McGlynn of Small Pond Science answers this question and provides insight into how he manages to do all the things.

mad lousia

  1. We need to find this book.  A book about our past lives?
  2. You can read a Science Book Club-type review about the book and entomologising here.

“There is a reason straight women love this show. It’s the pornography of emotional labor. ” Check out this amazing read about Queer Eye. 

Friend of the blog Priya Shukla wrote about how oceans are expected to become more acidic than they have been in 14 million years.  Check out the rest of her great writing for Forbes on her author page.

Big props to Jess Wade who has written over 270 Wikipedia pages for women in science! “Jess Wade is a scientist on a mission. She wants every woman who has achieved something impressive in science to get the prominence and recognition they deserve – starting with a Wikipedia entry.”


Meridith saw a few of these Moon Jellies (aka Common Jellies) along the shore while in Scotland, but she wishes she could’ve checked out a whole swarm in the waters.

Not only was badass scientist Melissa Cristina Marquez on Shark Week, but you can check out her post about her encounter with a crocodile. 

“…brands have been known to brainstorm very long lists of potential product names for each jacket in their line. Why not put the same effort into making sure Native designs are properly used? Treating Native artists fairly isn’t a simple process, but that doesn’t mean that the line between right and wrong is blurry.” Stop buying native inspired designs.



3 thoughts on “Sweet Link ParTEA (July 2018)

  1. Thanks for the reads, ladies!! Especially ❤ the moon jellies (So jealsies that Meridith saw some in Scotland) because these creatures make an appearance in my fave computer game (Stardew Valley, highly recommend) and I never thought to look up the real deal! Gorg and hypnotizing.

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