Blog Slacker Gives Peak into Real Life

Meridith and I were commiserating yesterday that we had been STS Slackers.  But, y’all, real life (RL) got so real these past few weeks.  Meridith is studying for her qualifying exams, and my lab mate and I have been racing against phenology to get our projects in the field.  We study the same invasive plant and have actually been experimenting with an amazing work sharing system.  More on that later, probably.
Anyway, all that to say, getting two blog posts out a month is pretty much where we are at these days.  We, of course, have tons of awesome plans and big ideas, but all those take time.  Time’s a bit of a commodity these days.  So, in lieu of completely disappearing from the internet, I give you a peak into my RL, as seen from my iPhone.
Here we have the Rachel in her natural habitat, obnoxiously posing with an obscene amount of pin flags.  This might have been the day when I started the “You Might be an Ecologist if…” meme on Tumblr.

Some might call that a soup bowl.  To them, I say, you don’t know my life.
Not a bad place to hike through to get to work.  There is a big’ol marsh right on the other side of that rise.  Coyote Brush in the foreground.
The aforementioned marsh.  All the grayish standing biomass you see in the fore to midground is the invasive plant my labmate and I study.  If you look closely, you can see this year’s stems emerging below the standing dead stems.
Wee little channel running through the marsh shown on the left.  On the right, you see one of my more on point field looks.  Hiking boots, soccer socks, running tights.  Kids, this is what happens when you refuse to do your laundry.
I’m also the treasurer for the Davis chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology.  We had our spring quarter meeting recently, and the guest speaker was a bat conservationist.  She has several bats that she cannot release because of serious injuries they sustained, and she brings them around to give educational demonstrations.  Look at these adorable Pallid Bats!!
I also sometimes garden.  Adorable strawBABIES!!
“You Might be an Ecologist if…” the inside of your car looks like this.  For reference, there are about 500 litter bags in there that we deployed for my labmate’s super cool decomposition experiment.  Also, if you are looking for the person who took all the sharpies from the lab…it totally wasn’t me.
A really nice polychete (about the diameter of my index finger!) of some sort that got stranded when the tide went out.  I tried to move him back into the water, but he, traumatically, exploded when I touched him.  I may or may not have squealed.

I’d say these two pictures pretty much sum up my diet as of late.  In case anyone who read this Tumblr post was wondering, I totally ate that ice cream.

More content soon!  Until next time, I’ll be trying not to get stuck in the mud.

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