Cool Stuff Sunday 4

What a long week/month. I’m reluctant to believe that April is already here. I was able to relax a bit yesterday and celebrate the Bluegrass Brawl basketball game with friends. I’m not much of a sports fan, but I am a fan of my home state and wanted to share some of the Kentucky enthusiasm. Even though I didn’t post a Stuff Your Face Saturday, I did spend the morning creating an array of homemade snacks! I even brewed my own sweet tea! I’m not sure how long tea bags last, but this could be a real sweet treat on Mars!

After you check out all of the Cool Stuff for today, check out the newly added ‘About Me’ section. I also figured out how to add slideshows of the two Hubble’s Hidden Treasures Flickr accounts to the blog sidebar. Employed some good ol’ fashioned stubbornness and trial & error with that accomplishment!

Also, this week announcements will be made about who advances to the next round in the application process. 700 applicants applied to participate in the Hawaiian Mars Analog Mission and Food Study, and the review committee has spent the last month narrowing that pool to a mere 30 people! 

I’m pregnant. No, I’m dropping out of grad school. No, I’m not linking you to a story about the history of April Fools Can’t get a preview for this, but its worth checking out!

Found Apollo 11 Rockets
Pretty Underwater Volcano Eruption

A great Nat Geo clip about a dam removal. Just think about how much that area will change!

Decommissioning the Space Shuttles 

3 thoughts on “Cool Stuff Sunday 4

  1. When we (yourself, Rachel, and I) all get together for naps, frolicking, and TED talks, I'll make ALL of these and MORE. I have a Pinterest board of recipes WAITING FOR THAT MOMENT. G or D.


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